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This is IT…. I am going to start and continue this blog.

I love everyone else’s blogs so much that maybe someone would like to know what I am doing.  I have been at Tim’s house for several weeks now and it is a good thing I am going to Quartzsite.  Living here is just toooo easy. Love it here.  Nice house, beautiful weather, wonderful kid.   Days slide away and get lost.  That doesn’t seem to happen so often if I am in the van.  I think just living in a van requires more attention to the basic needs like making sure I have plenty of water and emptying the porta potti.  I need to make sure I have enough butane to finish cooking a meal.  Nothing more frustrating than running out of butane with a pan of chicken half cooked.  Been there, done that.   If I have to be more aware of my environment the days seem to last a little longer.  Usually.

Today Tim wants to put another fuse in the wiring that goes to my auxiliary batteries.  I am going to pack all of the “stuff” that has migrated into the house, back out to HULK.  Where do I get all of this “stuff”?  Oh well, I am headed to the second annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.    Last year was a lot of fun but I am sure this year will be even better.  This year I am going to take more pictures.  ON THE ROAD AGAIN!